Best Hand Sanitizer 500ml Price

Best Hand Sanitizer 500ml Price

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70% Alcohol Disposable Hand Sanitizer Gel, Kills 99.99% Germs, Long-Lasting Antibacterial Quick Drying Liquid Hand Soap, Disinfecting Cleaner,No Water Required 
Hand Sanitizer 500ml Price
Best Hand Sanitizer 500ml Price

  • Contains activated silver ions and alcohol.Quick-dry,no washing,mild hand protection,water-holding and moisturizing gentle gel texture,healthy ingredient to be even gentler on your skin,a best non-irritating hand sanitizer gel for you.
  • Capacity of per bottle:70ml/2.43fl.oz.Portable travel mini sized.Widely used in household,home,office,school,mall,hospital,restaurant,hotel,travel,hiking,camping,gathering,picnic and more occasion.Easy to put on your bag/backpack.
  • Easy and safe to use,it can effectively and quickly wash hands,effective sterilization and remove odor,sterilization rate up to 99.9%,stopping the spread of germs to keep you and your family/friend safe and healthy.
  • This hand sanitizer is clean waterless clear fluid,conveniently using,just one squeeze of sanitizer will help to keep your hands clean,you just take an appropriate amount (2-3ml) of the product to moisten your hands and rub for 15 seconds until the gel covers your hands,wait for drying.Rinse-free.
  • Please note that for international shippment,usually will delivery within 7-20 days.We will ship the package after it is completely cleaned and disinfected,and the carrier will perform a second cleaning when the package is delivered.


HAND SANITIZER GEL 60 ML | Antis Handsanitizer | Virus corona cleaning Hand | Handsitizer Cheapest | Handsanitizer spray

Antis is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer product that is effective in killing germs quickly, such as flu and diarrhea, and is also practical to use anywhere and anytime.

Antis contains 70% alcohol active ingredients that quickly kill 99% of germs in 4 seconds such as E.coli and S.aureus.
Antis contains moisturizer so the hands don't feel dry.
The ingredients in Antis have a long listing effect to provide protection from germs for 2 hours.

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TONGKAT ARAB CAPSULE  - SPECIAL CAUSE OF ADULTS | Original TONGKAT ARAB CAPSULE  / Herbal Medicine / Strong / Strong Medicine - Lastly Long man 7 times more !! - 1 Sachet (contents 2) | Prices of Tongkat Arab capsules | Rules of drinking Tongkat Arab capsules | Rules for drinking Tongkat Arab capsules | Tongkat Arab for Men

Benefits and Efficacy of
Tongkat Arab capsules:
  •         Increase endurance & stamina
  •         Give new strength and enthusiasm
  •         Add Libido passion for men
  •         Tightening and durable
  •         Increasing the standard of youth so that they return young
  •         No side effects and palpitations
  •         Take 2 capsules, 30-60 minutes before contact
  •         Per sachet contents 2 capsules


        - Add male gairoh

        - Prevents premature / premature ejaculation

        - Increase male endurance

        - Increase energy both in sexual life and daily activities

How to use:

  •             Eat this mixture about 3-5 hours before intercourse. Take as many as 5-10 pills (adjust as needed)


  •     1 Box = 10 Sachets @ (2 capsules) TONGKAT ARAB

Produced by: PJ. INTAN MIGHTY
POM TR No. 034 334 842
Guaranteed Satisfying Benefits ..
Specifications of TONGKAT ARAB CAPSULE ORIGINAL / Herbal Medicine_Strong / Strong Medicine-Lasts longer man 7x more powerful !! - 1 Sachet (contents 2)
Tawon Liar Capsule Original In Bottle

Tawon Liar Capsule Original In Bottle

Tawon liar original | Tawon liar capsule side effects | Tawon liar capsule in bottle | Tawon liar for sale | Tawon liar kaspul reviews | Tawon liar kapsul pt maju jaya bersama |

Tawon Liar Capsules - It is a capsule made of foliage leaves highly nutritious medicinal plants to cure all kinds of diseases.

Tawon Liar Bottle


- Curcumae rhizoma 10%
- Zingiberiz rhizoma 20%
- Zingiberiz aromaticia 15%
- Panax ginseng 10%
- Royal jelly 15%
- Medicinal Chemicals 20%


1. Treat and cure gout, muscle pains, lumbago and rheumatism.
2. Increase stamina in order not easy to get sick and tired.
3. Treating insomnia (insomnia)
4. Reduce cholesterol so that the risk of heart disease can be minimized.
5. Boost immunity

Maintain health first time in three days 1 capsule
Prevention of disease 2 times daily 1 capsule
Disease treatment 2 times a day 2 capsules

PACKAGING: 1 Box contents 20 sachets @ 2 capsules

Gout is a very painful type of arthritis that is caused by the accumulation of crystals in the joints, due to high levels of uric acid in the body. The joints are attacked mainly the toes, knees, heels, wrists, fingers and elbows. In addition to pain, gout can also make the joints swollen, inflamed, hot and stuffy.

Approximately 90% of gout are caused by the inability of the kidneys remove uric acid completely from the body through urine. Other small part because the body produces excess uric acid. Gout disease mostly affects men over 40 and women who have menopause. Patients with gout usually have other complaints such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Half of gout patients are people who are overweight. If left untreated, gout can develop into kidney stones and lead to kidney failure. Changes in lifestyle, consumption of certain drugs and avoid high-purine foods high in uric acid control.

Avoid foods such as nuts, offal, squash and a shortage of drinking coffee and smoking. disease you are suffering from the disease quickly recover
These herbs do not have the number, the Food & Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), because it contains elements of chemicals, drugs, (dexamethasone, Fenilbutason, and paracetamol) about 20% ...... but very efficacious for the disease you are suffering so will speedy recovery .. therefore must be considered the rules of use !!!!!
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2x a day (2kapsul)
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2 times a day (2 capsules)
2. Treatment of mild, drink 3 times a day (1 capsule)
3. Prevention: drink 1 time a day (1 capsule, Regular consumption every day until 1box (48 capsules),
4. Maintain a healthy, drink 1 time in 3 days (1 capsule)
5. Reproduction of this herbal drink, for patients with renal and hepatic impairment
6. In the event of allergic symptoms such as: scourge of breath, itchy rash, and dizziness after taking capsules of this, please stopped, because these herbs are not suitable, the possibility of drug allergy, although efficacious against the disease that you are suffering.
7. If already drink more than 1box, but also no change in the disease you are suffering, please drink herbal halted .... !!!
8. There should not consume these herbs, in large numbers / redundant, maximal 20 boxes, for chronic. and maximal 10 boxes for prevention. If the redundant later would lead to kidney failure and liver disorders
9. Do not take herbal capsules fake / imitation and consultation with the parties selling

Description BKO effects were conceived, among others:
1. Dexamethasone can cause a moon face, retention of fluids and electrolytes, hyperglycemia, glaucoma (increased pressure within the eyeball), growth disorders, osteoporosis, decreased resistance to infection, myopathy (muscle weakness), stomach, hormone disorders and others.

2. Fenilbutason can cause nausea, vomiting, skin rash, fluid and electrolyte retention (edema), stomach bleeding, stomach pain, bleeding or perforation, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, kidney failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis and so on other.

3. Paracetamol in the use of time can cause disturbance / damage to the kidneys and liver.
Samyun Wan Capsules Original

Samyun Wan Capsules Original

Testimonials Samyun Wan, Side Effects Samyun Wan Original, Is Samyun Wan Halal, Check Bpom Samyun Wan, How To Drink Samyun Wan, Benefits Of The Benefits Of Samyun Wan, Drinking Rules Samyun Wan.

Samyun Wan Is a traditional specialty ingredient that has been packaged modernly and has been used for more than 30 years in Malaysia & China. Samyun Wan is the processed product of Chinese ancestors' recipes. Indeed, Samyun Wan products are produced to increase the vitality of their use, but it turns out that Samyun Wan Asli is also proven to be a phenomenal fat drug (fat), able to increase the appetite of its users, so many people are interested in trying it and succeeding in gaining weight

Samyun Wan's indication:
Traditionally used to relieve back pain and weakness, and help relieve physical fatigue.

Benefits of the Efficacy of Samyun Wan:
1. Increase appetite and make the body fuller
2. Increasing the absorption of food that enters our body
3. Our weight will increase rapidly, because of what we eat
absorbed quickly by the body
4. Improve body metabolism
5. Absorption of food becomes more perfect

Samyun Wan packaging:
Each of these Samyun wan bottles contains 20 capsules. The drinking dose is 2 capsules a day, but I take 1 capsule a day at the beginning, because the effect is already felt. Only when you start you don't drink 2 capsules a day.

Samyun Wan Capsules

Drinking Method:
Red capsules are taken 2 times a day after eating. There is 1 white or pink capsule (depending on the factory production at that time) when you are tired (bonus)

Samyun Wan Raw Materials:

Radix Panax Ginseng 10mg
Samyun Wan contains high-quality Radix Panax Ginseng to maintain and improve body health, help speed healing after surgery (postoperatively), and contains anti-depressants, helps calm the nervous system.

This substance is efficacious to improve the body's metabolism which can provide fresh effects and able to increase the working power of the organs of the body to the fullest. In addition, ginseng has the effect of improving blood circulation to the nervous system and helping to thin the blood. Its main benefit is maintaining health and helping maintain stamina.

Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum 5mg
Samyun Wan Original contains Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum which is good for making a stronger body. This substance contains more amino acids, lecithin and vitamins. This substance is warm but not dry which can improve the weakness of bodily functions in patients after a long illness, this substance is better health care.

Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum can enhance the body's immunity, accelerate the transformation of lymphocytes that play a role in immune enhancement. This will increase the body's resistance to attacks from outside and regulate the body's immune balance to avoid disease and also accelerate wound healing, as well as aging resistance.

Radix Astragali Seu Hedysari 25mg
Samyun Wan contains Radix Astragali Seu Hedysari, which is able to restore important substances in the body and strengthen the heart. Radix Astragali Seu Hedysari is good for: increasing oxygen content, treating fever and flu, fatigue, and relieving breathing.

Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae 120mg
Samyun Wan Asli contains Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae which is able to treat nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling sluggish, weakness caused by chemotherapy. The use of this substance is widely accepted for medical purposes.

Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae stimulates the central nervous system. This substance also increases body weight and increases endurance, and increases the number of red and white blood cells and also facilitates blood circulation.

Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae 60mg
Samyun Wan contains Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae which is effective in replenishing substances to the spleen and providing oxygen to the spleen and stomach, preventing thrush, excessive sweating, keeping the fetus stable, and preventing nausea when pregnant. Based on the science of pharmacology, Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae can improve adrenal gland function balancing hormones in women

Fructus Chaenomelis Speciosa 60mg
Samyun Wan Asli also contains Fructus Chaenomelis Speciosa which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is used for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, chronic cough, and diarrhea. It is also used for arthritis with ankylosis, pain and the sensation of heaviness from the waist and knee and for systremma due to vomiting and diarrhea, edema and weakness in the legs.

The recommended rules for use are 2 capsules per day. It is recommended to be consumed before lunch and before dinner.

Children under the age of 8 years, acute ulcer patients, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are not permitted to consume Samyun Wan.

Side effects:

The first 2-3 days defecation is not smooth, then normal
The first 1-2 days are often drowsy, then normal

Additional Benefits:

If you have sinusitis symptoms this drug also relieves it, if your sinusitis is severe enough use 1 capsule of Samyun Wan every day to prevent colds for three days after you consume and do not rule out your sinusitis can heal.
Spider Capsule For Men

Spider Capsule For Men

We are a wholesale agent distributor selling original spider capsules, original benefits, benefits, side effects and how to drink how to use strong spider capsule drugs can read the explanation below.

Spider Capsules Traditional herbs in the form of refined extracts are the essence of selected plant plants containing aphrodisiac ingredients consisting of: leaves, roots, bark, trees, seeds of medicinal plants combined with Viagra (Drug Chemicals). Where this herb has been used for centuries in decline and has proven its efficacy / efficacy.

Spider Capsules

The advantages of herbal spider strong drugs include:
1. Increase the strength and endurance of sex of a more powerful and male male 10 x fold.
2. Prevent premature ejaculation.
3. Treating impotence.
4. Blood circulation throughout the body, after using this herb, the body will feel better.
5. Adding and increasing endurance and the strength of penile erection to 10x more powerful (15-40 minutes).

The composition contained in the powerful medicinal spider herbs are:
Panax Ginseng Rhizom Extract ………………… 30mgr
Tribulus Terestris Fructus Extract ……………… 50mgr
Corni Fructus Extract …………………… .. ……… 50gr
Muira Puama Extract …………………………… ..50gr
Gonoderma Extract …………………. …………… .100gr
Saw Palmetto Extract …………………………… .300mgr
Damiana Extract …………………………………… 50mgr
Hypocampus Extras ……………………………… .25gr
Other ingredients so it becomes ……… .. …… ..100%


1. Drink one / two capsules 30-45 minutes before intercourse - drink with warm / cold water
2.Diminum in the state of the stomach is not full and the stomach is not too hungry / empty (2-3 hours after eating), if taken in a state of full stomach, then the effect becomes sleepy if in a very hungry state then the effect will be very lethargic after intercourse
3. When you drink don't mix with other types of drugs, and alcohol


1 Box contains 6 sachets. @ 1 sachet of 2 capsules.



Watch out for hard herbs containing medicinal chemicals (viagra), drink according to the rules of use !!!!!
1. For those who suffer from heart disease are prohibited from consuming this herb because the side effects of this herbal medicine will be very dangerous if the user suffers from heart disease and is using NITRAT group heart drugs, because it can cause blood pressure to drop dramatically and consequently fatal, can die
2. If taken regularly, it can lead to headaches, dizziness, impaired vision, sensitive to light, nasal congestion, and stomach disorders.
3. Use only 1-2 capsules in 1 x 70 hours (3 days) and the next drink after 3 - 7 days not less than 3 days
4. It is prohibited (not recommended) to consume other drugs and alcohol within 1 x 24 herbs

For ordering herbs, spider capsule profits can contact us at +6285697331907.
Hajar Jahanam capsules Stamina For Men

Hajar Jahanam capsules Stamina For Men

As a distributor, agent, wholesaler who sells genuine Hajar Jahanam Capsules at low prices. Before buying hajar jahanam medicine, you need to know what the benefits, efficacy, side effects and the rules for drinking Hajar Jahanam capsules, so please see the following explanation.

Hajar Jahanam Capsules is a herbal concoction that has the ability to increase the endurance of male genitals during intercourse. The efficacy of natural herbs hajar jahanam blasted egypt as a deterrent to premature ejaculation. The best herbal side effects in the world are internationally recognized.

Hajar Jahanam was first discovered by experts on traditional Egyptian herbs originating from certain tree sap in the Middle East region. With its properties to prevent premature ejaculation, this herb survives and is believed to be used today.

Hajar Jahanam Capsule
Hajar Jahanam Capsule

Benefit Hajar Jahanam Capsules:
- Increase sex drive,
- Overcoming Premature Ejaculation, - Overcoming Impotence,
- Increase Libido and Blood Circulation to Male Sex Organs,
- Extend Erection Time, - Increase Fertility,
- Makes you more durable

COMPOSITION OF Hajar Jahanam Herbal Medicine:
Hajar sa'adah black stone ................ 15%
Yohimbae Cortex ................................ 10%
Eurycomae Longifolae Radix ............ 15%
Tribulus Fructus ................................. 10%
Epimedium Folium ............................ 10%
And other ingredients up to ................... 100%

RULES DRINK FOR Hajar Jahanam capsules:

Take 1 or 2 capsules 30 minutes before intercourse.

Hajar Jahanam PACKAGING:

Per box containing 10 Sachets, Per Sachet contents of 2 capsules. The above price is the price per contents of 10 Sachets.
1 carton containing 100 boxes.
1 box of 10 sachets @ 2 capsules.

POM TR.053 735 266


Not recommended for people with heart and high blood pressure.

The results can be obtained by each individual depending on the factors. But the results can be POSITIVE

Hajar Jahanam capsule advantages compared to others

100% Natural Herbs. Mixed from natural ingredients, extracted from the sap of plants in Egypt, the Middle East.
Best Oles Herbs. With its use being applied without eating or drinking, Hajar Jahanam is safer without interfering with the workings of organs in Humans.
Most popular.
Because it is formulated from herbal ingredients, it is practically used and safe in its use, as well as the effect of its 'FENGTH' efficacy in prolonging intimate relationships, Hajar Jahanam is very popular among adult men.
100% safe.
Hajar Jahanam is very safe to use because it has no side effects, both for the brain, kidney and heart. That's because the use is applied as obt outside.

Below are described the features of the hajar jahanam drug, namely:

* Hajar jahanam Strong Medication Is natural capsule
the first basic why hajar jahanam drugs are used by men is the material used. As explained earlier, the basic material for the production of these supplements is in the form of certain plant sap in India and Egypt. plant sap material is of course a natural ingredient alias not man-made material. The naturalness of this hajar jahanam ingredient is one of the reasons why many people prefer this supplement to other premature ejaculation drugs.
* Drug hajar jahanam capsules designed without any side effects
Hajar Jahanam which is a supplement that will not cause side effects to consumers. This matter must be very clear because of its basic natural ingredients. As we know, natural ingredients must have no side effects. This matter should be very different from the premature ejaculation herbal products made by manufacturers that would cause adverse effects if used for a long period of time.
* The medicine for hajar jahanam capsules is practically just a drink
SERA Capsule - Healthy Slim

SERA Capsule - Healthy Slim


SERA Capsule (Slim Health), is a slimming supplement with the benefits of losing weight and slimming naturally. Made from selected herbal ingredients that are proven effective and safe for consumption.

SERA Slimming is very effective for eliminating appetite without causing hunger, flatulence, weakness, stomach ulcers or defecating so that your daily activities are not disturbed even if you are in the process of diet. This product is very safe to consume for a long time and gradually lose your weight without side effects.

Based on the results in the field a person who consumes 1 box (within 1 month) has a weight loss of between 5 and 10 kg, while to lose more than 10 kg requires 2 boxes of sera (consumption of 1-2 months).

The following are the Benefits of SERA Slim Healthy Capsules:

Helps reduce your excess weight quickly and safely without worrying about the side effects caused.

- Restrain your appetite so that after taking this capsule, your appetite will suddenly decrease drastically so that you are not tempted to snack and overeat. By not snacking, at least your weight will be maintained, because 95% of obesity in women is caused by unregulated snacking.

- Reduce hunger, even if you only eat a little but with this capsule you will not feel hungry.

- Shrink the Fat Stomach, fat or distended stomach is very disturbing with SERA Capsules, so fat in your body can burn, especially in the abdomen so your stomach will shrink and slim.

- Inhibiting Absorption of Fat, yes by eating foods that are full of fat, the risk of weight gain will increase, but do not be afraid that SERA capsules inhibit fat absorption by removing it with dirt during defecation.

- Skin Tightening

SERA Capsules

Following SERA Composition:
Morinda Citrifolia 100mg
Murraya Paniculata 100mg
Guazuma Ulimifolia 100mg
Punica Granatum 100mg
Parameria Barbata 50mg
Phyllanthus Niruri 50mg

Drinking Rules SERA:
To lose weight: Take 3 x 1 capsule per day.
To maintain weight: Take 2 x 1 capsule per day.
Drink before eating.

SERA Packaging:
1 box of SeRa contains 30 capsules which can be consumed for 10-15 days depending on the needs. With 1 box, the average user experiences a weight loss of 3-5 kg.

SERA Products (Slim Health) Produced By HERBALINDO SM Indonesia. BPOM RI has been registered with POM number. TR 073 372 971.

Not recommended for people with high blood pressure, pregnant & lactating women consume this supplement.
For patients with ulcer disease, it is recommended to eat before consuming SERA.
Drink plenty of water and eat fibrous or low-calorie foods accompanied by regular exercise.
Leaves Sambung Nyowo Capsules - Uric Acid, Rheumatics, Gout, Stamina

Leaves Sambung Nyowo Capsules - Uric Acid, Rheumatics, Gout, Stamina

LEAVES SAMBUNG NYOWO Capsules - The capsules made from plant foliage leaves high efficacious drug to cure all kinds of diseases.

- Connect the lives of 25%
- Crown god 20%
- Kapulagai 15%
- Red betel 10%
- Red Fruit 5%
Roots Areca nut %%
- And others up (Medicinal Chemicals 20%)

Leaves Sambung Nyowo


1. Uric Acid, 2. Destroying Blood clots, 3. Chronic rheumatic, 4. Leg Swelling, 5. Feels Stiff Muscles, 6. Lowering Cholesterol, 7. Stress, 8. Fever, 9. Bronchitis, 10. High blood pressure, 11 . Streamlining Blood, 12. Keeping the stamina to make the longevity and always fit.


Maintain health 1 time in three days 1 capsule
Prevention of disease 2 times a day 1 capsule
Disease treatment 2 times a day 2 capsules

PACKAGING: 1 Box contents 12 sachets @ 4 capsules


Avoid foods such as nuts, offal, squash and a shortage of drinking coffee and rokok.supaya illness you suffer a speedy recovery
These herbs do not have numbers, National Agency of Drug and Food (BPOM), because it contains elements of chemicals, drugs, (dexamethasone, Fenilbutason, and paracetamol,) approximately 20% ...... but very efficacious for the disease you are suffering so will speedy recovery .. then it should be considered a rule of life !!!!!
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2x a day (2 capsules)
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2 times a day (2 capsules)
2. Treatment of mild, drink 3 times a day (1 capsule)
3. Prevention: drink 1 a day (1 capsule, Regular consumption every day until 1box (48 capsules),
4. Maintain a healthy, drink 1 times in 3 days (1 capsule)
5. Reproduction of this herbal drink, for patients with renal and hepatic impairment
6. In the event of allergy symptoms such as: sesah breath, itching, and dizziness, after taking this capsule, please be stopped, because these herbs are not suitable, the possibility of drug allergy, although efficacious against a disease that you suffer.
7. When it is taking more than 1box, but there is also a change to the disease you are suffering, hope this herbal drink is stopped .... !!!
8. There should not be taking this herbal medicine, in large numbers / excessive, a maximum of 20 boxes, for chronic. and a maximum of 10 boxes for prevention. If excessive later would result in kidney failure and liver disorders
9. Do not take herbal capsules fake / mock and consultation with those who sell

Description contained BKO effects include:
1. Dexamethasone can cause a moon face, retention of fluid and electrolytes, hyperglycemia, glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye), growth disorders, osteoporosis, decreased resistance to infection, myopathy (muscle weakness), gastric, hormone disorders and others.
2. Fenilbutason can cause nausea, vomiting, skin rash, fluid and electrolyte retention (edema), stomach bleeding, stomach pain, bleeding or perforation with, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, renal failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis and so on other.
3. Paracetamol in prolonged use can cause disturbance / damage to the kidneys and liver.

Labaik Capsule - Uric Acid, Gout, Rheumatics

Labaik Capsule - Uric Acid, Gout, Rheumatics


Labaik Capsules - This is an herbal remedy to treat uric acid, gout, rheumatic, sciatica and other diseases.

Benefits of Labaik Capsules:
1. Gout,
2. Stress,
3. Chronic rheumatism,
4. Swollen feet,
5. Stiff Muscles,
6. Lowers Cholesterol,
7. Destroying Blood Clots,
8. Fever,
9. Bronhitis,
10. Meriang,
11. Stabilizing Hormones,
12. Maintain stamina so as to make people live long

Labaik Capsule
Labaika Capsule
Composition Labaik capsules:
Extract from materials:
Phylanti Herba 150mg
Centellae Herba 150mg
Sochi Folium100mg
Zingiberis Rhizoma 50mg,
Amomi Fructus 50mg

HOW TO USE Labaik Capsule:
maintain health 1 time in three days 1 capsule
prevention of disease 2 times a day 1 capsule
treatment of the disease 2 times a day 2 capsules

PACKAGING Labaik Capsule:
1 Box contains 12 sachets @ 4 capsules

Arga Jaya Sukses

Keep your healthy foods away from Okra e.g (Coffee, Belino, etc)

Labaik Capsules
Coffee Joss +++ For Stamina

Coffee Joss +++ For Stamina

JOSS +++ COFFEE Strong Medicinal Wholesale, OLD-RESISTANT STRONG COFFEE, LASA KELAKI COFFEE, MEN STAMINA COFFEE, HOUSEHOLD VEGETABLE COFFEE, dangerous joss coffee, joss coffee price, joss malioboro coffee, joss coffee +++, coffee joss jogja, the efficacy of coffee joss, coffee joss lik man, coffee joss strong medicine

Coffee Joss +++ For Stamina - If talking about coffee to coffee connoisseurs and lovers, the first thing that is felt is the taste of coffee itself, but besides the taste of coffee, it is often served as a complement when eating fried foods, hanging out and smoking and also when you want your eyes to stay awake and not sleepy.

Basically coffee is a blend of various kinds of coffee beans in the archipelago in particular. Coffee has become a trend today and has been presented modern in a coffee shop. Coffee lovers will certainly not miss the latest coffee blend flavors presented in a modern way.

Until now coffee has been formulated in such a way with different tastes and properties than usual. JOSS +++ COFFEE is an effective coffee to maintain the stamina of adult men in order to stay strong and powerful. In addition, Coffee Joss +++ was able to treat premature ejaculation problems.

For those of you who want to get satisfaction when dealing with your partner, Coffee Joss is suitable for consumption before contact. Efficacy has been proven and guaranteed. Immediately get this Coffee Joss product by contacting us with the number we specified with the top right corner.

This is not a medicine but JOSS +++ COFFEE. The benefits obtained exceed the expected ones ... try to imagine if SUNREGO, GINSENG and PASAK BUMI were to be made one could make the volcano erupt so violently ... and now become a reality in the packaging of this BEAR COFFEE ... ...
With the content of GINSENG + SUNREGO + PASAK BUMI, without any chemicals it can really make those who drink it Fresh Strong and become SUPER men.

Coffee Joss +++
Coffee Joss+++

Original JOSS COFFEE - Like many other products, COFFEE JOSS +++ is also a lot of counterfeit because this product is classified as in demand by many people and many are also sent abroad. Many enthusiasts, but the stock is always limited edition, one of the causes is also to be falsified.

Then the difference is whether the original KOPI JOSS +++ is fake, I share this information based on information from the supplier to pay attention to the customer when buying, not to see the cheap price but the quality is also guaranteed authenticity.

How to Use:
original: 1/2 sachet has been felt the result feels useful
fake: 1 sachet doesn't feel useful

Coffee, Crimer, Sugar, Ginseng, Pasak Bumi, Sanrego

How to drink:
prepare a coffee glass-sized hot water (150cc), put one pack of male coffee into a glass and brew until evenly. Drink 2 hours before contact.
Male coffee has proven to be very fierce ... !!
("Even for impotent ones") is not recommended for heart sufferers
safe if not over-consumed

It is careful for those who drink coffee because it can make you as strong as a horse, it is not recommended for those who are not married especially not hard workers, because you have difficulty holding back the desires of SUNREGO horses, the power of GINSENG and Lama PASAK BUMI ... for those of you who are married be careful you can Your wife will be overwhelmed to serve your continuous desires because of the strength of this male COFFEE Can last Long ... do not try carelessly because male COFFEE is more malignant than VIAGRA, CIALIS DLL without SIDE EFFECTS.

Benefits of Joss Coffee 
- Increases Stamina and Vitality
- Increase Sexual Passion
- Maintain Longer Enjaculation
- Tighten Muscles in Male & Female Intimate Organs
- Tighten the muscles in the sex organs of Men & Women
- Eliminates odor, increases vitality and endurance,
- Blood circulation, consumed regularly will bring effects
Sensation and Increase Stimulation and Passion.

Produced by :
Joss Coffee Products Produced By: Indo Sehat Abadi - Indonesia and already registered with the DINKES RI with the number P-IRT 2031
Black Honey Capsule For Man

Black Honey Capsule For Man

Black Honey Capsule Honey is one of the traditional herbs that has been proven to help men to have the stamina and sexual endurance that long so it can satisfy the wife. UM Black is a product of PJ Honey Water and has been registered in the Ministry of Health with the number TR 2011052023. Lots of users of this Black UM who have felt the efficacy of is characterized by increased strength of sexual endurance, sex organs harder and male and avoid premature ejaculation which often hit men.

Benefits And Benefits Black Honey Urges
- Incease male power during intercourse.
- Make sexual endurance increased so that the time to have sex longer.
- Preventing the occurrence of premature ejaculation which often makes the wife disappointed.
- Increase the intimacy of marital relationships. Increased confidence in front of the wife. Cure

Impotence. Accelerate blood circulation.

Packaging and Drinking Rules Black Honey Capsule contains 10 sachets per box with each sachet contains 2 capsules.

The drinking rule is to drink 1 or 2 capsules at 30 - 60 minutes before sex with a wife.

 Caution: This herb is prohibited to be drunk by heart disease patients.
Tawon Sakti Capsule For Rheumatic, Gout, Cholesterol, Stamina, Urat Acid, Pain

Tawon Sakti Capsule For Rheumatic, Gout, Cholesterol, Stamina, Urat Acid, Pain

We sell Herbal Medicine Tawon Sakti Capsule 100% Original with cheap price or WHOLESALE, as well as Explanation about Benefits and Side Effects Medicinal Herbs Tawon Sakti Capsules.

What is the  Tawon Sakti Capsule and Benefits?

Tawon Sakti Capsule contain wild honey bee extracts efficacious to treat gout, lower cholesterol, stiff-linu, rheumatic, colds, increase stamina and energy

Curcumae rhizoma 10%
zingerberis rhizoma 20%
zingerberis aromaticae 15%
panax gingseng 10%
Royal jelly 15%
and other materials up to 100%

Treat Uric Acid, Pegal rheumatic, Rheumatic, Entrance Wind, lower cholesterol and increase energy and Stamina

How to use:
Drink 2 capsules once a day. to treat 2 capsule drink 2x a day.

Packaging Tawon Sakti Capsule:
- Per box of 20 Sachets

Produced by PJ Air Madu
Magelang - Indonesia
POM TR 093513808

Tawon sakti

Side Effects Drinking Tawon Sakti Capsule:

For people who have hypersensitive / history of hypersensitive against Jamu Tawon Sakti capsule
In order to get maximum results during taking this drug, you should avoid eating in the form of nuts, squash and offal. Reduce the habit of drinking coffee and smoking. In the event of allergy symptoms, such as itching, dizziness, shortness of breath after consuming should stop using.

This herb should not be consumed in excessive amounts because it will lead to serious diseases such as kidney function disorders, kidney failure to impaired liver function. Therefore, before consume it is important to consult first whether this herb is safe and can be consumed in the long term.

Although the side effects of Herbal Tawon Sakti capsule are not harmful to people in general, but as a wise consumer should check the condition of the body to the doctor to know whether the body has hypersensitiv to the content in it because the impact caused depends on the physical condition of each -a individual who consumes. If an adverse event occurs immediately discontinue use and consult a physician before it becomes a serious problem. (Source: kesehatanpedia-com)

Avoid foods in the form of nuts, offal, squash and coffee drinking and smoking.supaya disease cigarette.supaya disease that you suffer quickly recover
This medicinal herb does not have a number, the Food & Drug Administration (BPOM), because it contains elements of medicinal chemicals, (dexamethasone, phenylbutason, and paracetamol,) about 20% ...... but very efficacious for the disease you suffer so it will quick heal .. then of that must be considered rules of use !!!!!
1. Chronic treatment, drink 2x a day (2 capsules)
1. Chronic treatment, drink 2 times a day (2 capsules)
2. Treatment is light, drink 3 times a day (1 capsule)
3. Prevention: drink 1 time a day (1 capsule, Daily consumption until 1box (48 capsules),
4. Maintain health, drink once in 3 days (1 capsule)
5. It is prohibited to drink this herbal medicine, for patients with kidney and liver disorders
6. In case of allergy symptoms such as: breath, itchy itching, and dizziness, after drinking this capsule, please stop, because the herb is not suitable, the possibility of drug allergy, though efficacious against the disease you suffer.
7. If you have drunk more than 1box, but there is also no change to the disease that you suffered, please drink this herbal is stopped .... !!!
8. Should not consume this herb, in large quantities / excessive, maximal 20 boxes, for the chronic. and a maximum of 10 boxes for prevention. If excessive will result in kidney failure and liver disorders
9. Do not take fake / fake capsule herbs and consultation with the selling party

Description of BKO effect contained, among others:
1. Dexamethasone can cause moon face, fluid retention and electrolytes, hyperglycemia, glaucoma (pressure in the eyeball increased), growth disorders, osteoporosis, resistance to infection decreased, myopathy (muscle weakness), stomach, hormonal disorders and others.
2. Phenylbutason may cause nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, fluid retention and electrolytes (edema), gastric bleeding, gastric pain, with bleeding or perforation, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, renal failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis, other.
3. Paracetamol in prolonged use can cause kidney & liver damage / damage.
Tissue Power Magic For Man

Tissue Power Magic For Man


TISSUE POWER MAGIC or so-called tissue power magic is a powerful medicine man for durable repeated in the form of wet wipes, very suitable for men who experience premature ejaculation prematurely, wipes power magic is very safe to use because it is used because this tissue contains anti-septic and do not be afraid of allergies when wearing them.

MAGIC POWER TONIC TISSUE is a colorless and non-toxic lubricant containing water soluble and easily washed, magic power tissue also has no effect on your wife's vagina (100% no side effects).
MAGIC POWER MAN TISSUE can be used for 2 months, and also could solve the problem gets around the penis due to be antibacterial cream.

Magic Power Tissue, health products in sachet form a wet tissue. Tissue magic power ensures hygienic conditions in the male penis while having sex. Power magic wipes specially developed for sensitive skin in the area of ​​the male penis. Besides guaranteeing hygienic circumstances, this tissue also soften and fresh, it can even prevent premature ejaculation.

Tissue Super Magic


    Erection within 15 minutes and lasts up to 2 hours
    Erection hard and durable
    So you're King in bed.
    Your wife will cry happy
    Durable sex until 1hr nonstop

Tissue Super Magic ManTissue magic power is very effective and safe to increase the strength of the male sex. Because foreign drugs (practical and fast). Without disturbing or endangering other organs such as the heart and kidneys 100% without any side effects.


    h20 purified.
    ethyl alcohol.
    frag fance.
    altiveingredlents other.


    Rub evenly wet tissue antiseptic Tissue Magic Power on your penis which have an erection when sexual intercourse.
    Let stand for 2-3 minutes.
    You ready for action
    Use only once, then discarded.
    Only for use outside:
    Rub evenly on the penis tissue aside - + 15 min. Then use the touch, FEEL SENSATION virulence !!

Contents 1 box of tissue 6
Lasmi Natural Slimming Capsules For Women

Lasmi Natural Slimming Capsules For Women

There are a lot of slimming drugs on the market ranging from the capsule, tablet, liquid, cream, as well as the type of herbal slimming. There is a production of drawing this and abroad. but if you are a taboo any slimming drugs in the market are all safe and secure in consumption expired period (or shelf life of the drug). as well as lab test if it was safe. of course this question into consideration all of us.

Now comes the slimming drugs that they actually safe to eat safe without any side effects, is already through the test lab and test quality. in addition to the packaging and the bottle is very safe and secure. namely natural slimming drugs, or commonly called Lasmi.

Lasmi is herbal slimming is very useful for women have also been tested in BPOM. Lasmi is a natural slimming drugs have efficacy and usefulness as follows:

1. Lose excess weight without side effects,
2. Lose your weight, up to 5-15kg within 2 months only.
3. Shaping the body becomes Idial, singset and sexy
4. Suppress appetite, reduce cravings, keeps the body slim.
5. Burn fat, excess fat in the body
6. skim CHAPTER

Natural Slimming Capsules

Guazumae ulmifolia Folium
Murrayae paniculata Folium
Morinda citrifolia Fructus
Punicae Granati Cortex
Curcumae Heynianae Rhizoma
Parameriae barbata Cortex
Rhizoma Zingiber Purpurei

1 box = 30 capsules,

Drinking rules:
To help you lose weight Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before meals 3 x 1 capsule per day.
To help keep the weight Take 2 x 1 capsules.

Attention!! :
It is recommended drink plenty of water
The use of these products must be accompanied by:
* Regular exercise
* Diet low in calories and low in fat
Not for disease hypertension / high blood
Not for lactating and pregnant women
Prohibited for people with heart disease
Prohibited for people with chronic heartburn disease
Slim Without Dieting with Teak Leaves China

Slim Without Dieting with Teak Leaves China

For women have weight and body shape is not ideal becomes a very serious problem. Based on the survey most women would trade their age in order to get the ideal posture. Various efforts have been made to reduce the weight of medical treatment to do excessive exercise and to disrupt daily activities because of exhaustion even sick.

Some even taking the drugs without a prescription that could endanger women's health. Another alernatif for women is liposuction which is very expensive. Now there is a simple way without the expensive cost and without an appetite suppressant that is by the consumption of teak china tea leaf tea.

Leaf china teak is a shrub that grows up to 3 meters and has a green stalks with delicate leaves gray-green leaves. Leaf china teak grown in the tropics as in northern Africa, Pakistan, India, Sudan and Egypt.

Tea leaf china teak since the 9th century by Arab physicians have been used as a natural laxative, constipation and medication to clean the intestines of toxins and bacteria. Tea leaf china teak very effectively get rid of fat in the body through urine and feces. China teak leaf tea is brewed with hot water without the need to add other ingredients. In addition to slimming, tea leaf china teak is also good for cholesterol treatment. Leaf china teak containing laxative and anthranoid making it suitable as a drug used to treat hard CHAPTER.

Tea leaf china teak will react within seven hours after ingestion, there are some people who will feel like bowel and this is a natural thing. It will fade away after consuming more than 1-2 weeks.

CHINESE TEAK LEAVES (LEAF SENNA) effective for weight loss. can reduce body weight up to 5 kilograms in 28 days, without diet and exercise.

Containing 3% glycosides dianthron (sennoside A, B, C, D, E, F, G). A small number of anthraquinone including aloe-emodin and rhein 8-glucoside; 10% mucilago; tannins, flavonoids, naphthalene.

Benefits of Tea Leaves Teak natural China as follows:

Cleanse dirty blood.
Reduce cholesterol.
Eliminate toxins because they contain high antioxidants.
Shrink the stomach.
Fat in the body laxative for people with obesity.
Our ancestors and the daughters of the palace used to consume to maintain the slimness of the body.
Also efficacious as a starter metabolism, thus helping the process of secretion / sewage.

How to eat Teak Leaves China:

Take 1 teaspoon of leaf china teak and insert it into the glass.
Pour the hot water.
Let dissolve a few minutes to see the color brown.
Then strain and drink the water ready.
It could also be boiled with 500ml water to the boil and the remaining 250ml.
1x daily consumption during the first week.
After one week adjustment period you can increase the dose 2x a day.
For optimal results, reduce fatty foods and exercise.
Some things to note in consuming the tea leaf china teak namely:
If you suffer from digestive problems are advised to consume two days once.
Not advisable to drink tea leaf china teak if you're menstruating, the reason most women experience PMS syndrome with bloating, abdominal muscle feels tight, if you drink tea leaf china teak will add to your discomfort during menstruation.
If you are new or have not been drinking the tea leaf china teak, then penyeduhannya not too thick. Tea brewed with 400ml hot water because the fat will usually fade with urine before BAB. Because the reaction of each person is different, if less able to react to the presentation tea thickened.
Usually the tea leaf china teak react at least 7 hours, so you should drink before bed at night so your morning smooth bowel movement, and does not interfere with your activities the next day.
If you experience excessive bowel, you should stop or reduce the dosage.
Secure because it contains no chemicals.
Can be consumed by breastfeeding mothers.

Things to note during the consumption of tea leaf china teak

Do not take more than 2x as a laxative effect on the content of leaf china teak very strong
Not recommended for those who have problems with digestion
Not recommended for women during menstruation / menstrual
Should be taken at bedtime or when heavy activity
If you experience excessive defecation, should refrain from the use or dosage dikurangai
Mandatory consume water as much as possible to avoid the fat in the body

Package Contents:
1 Wrap content of 40 grams

Teak Leaves China
Teak Leaves China

Dinkes P. IRT No. 510367401002518

How to use :
A maximum of 2 x 1 cup / day

Serving method :
Take 1 tablespoon of teak china tea leaves brewed with hot water and leave until lightly browned
Mastin mangosteen peel extract for Cancer and Tumor

Mastin mangosteen peel extract for Cancer and Tumor

Mangosteen is different with the fruit in general. If the fruit of many other properties in the flesh, another case with the mangosteen fruit. Efficacy of the mangosteen fruit actually abundant in the fruit skin. Because, in the skin of the mangosteen there are components that are antioxidants. This substance is called Xanthones. Neither xanthones contained within the capsule Mastin Jamu Borobudur.

Xanthones were packed in capsules Mastin Skin Mangosteen Extract is a powerful antioxidant that is very good for maintaining health. Antioxidants have been shown to have many benefits for the human body, including: neutralize free radicals, preventing the aging of organs, prevent cancer, boost the immune system, and much more.

And more interestingly, compared to other fruits, the antioxidant content of mangosteen turns the second largest after wolfberry fruit that grows in certain regions of China. That means, the antioxidant content of the skin of the mangosteen is no need to doubt. Hence, no wonder if the fruit is touted as one of the superfruits in the world.

Mastin Jamu Borobudur is a product of mangosteen peel extract first and the only one in Indonesia that have passed preclinical trials and standardized logo Herbal Medicines (OHT).

Mastin mangosteen peel extract

Product advantages:

Has been through the standardization of raw materials
Has tested benefits / efficacy so that it can be proven scientifically usefulness truth
Has tested in acute toxicity and sub-chronic toxicity that is safe for consumption in the long term
Gaining recognition and birth certificates of BPOM

Efficacy Mastin Jamu Borobudur:

Anti-tumor and cancer
Slowing the aging process
treating hypertension
Brighten and nourish the skin
Helps prevent heart disease and narrowing of the blood vessels
anti obesity
Anti free radicals
Maintaining a healthy body to stay fit and not easily tired
Anti virus
Antibiotics and anti-fungal
as an immunomodulator
To overcome white

Composition: Garciniae Fructus Cortex Extract: 550 mg

How to use: Take regularly 2 times daily @ 2 capsules

Contents: 60 Capsules

POM: POM HT 122 300 191

Manufacturer: PT Industri Jamu Borobudur
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