Original Antanan Capsules For Gout, Stress, Rheumatic

Original Antanan Capsules For Gout, Stress, Rheumatic

Description of original antanan capsules:

Original antanan capsules (Longevity capsules) are products of herbal medicine business tiara companies, these products are very useful for treating gout and the like

Benefits of Antanan Capsules:
To treat gout, stress, chronic rheumatic, swollen feet, reduce cholesterol, muscle stiffness, bronchitis fever, chills, stabilize the body's hormones, maintain stamina so that makes people live longer.

Original Antanan Capsules

How to use:
Prevention: 2 times a day @ 1 capsule
Treatment: 2 times a day @ 2 capsules


avoid foods such as nuts, gnetum, coffee, organ meats and chayote.

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