Tung Shueh Pills For Gout, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pain

Tung Shueh Pills For Gout, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pain


Description of Tung shueh Pills / head of cattle, overcome gout, rheumatism, rheumatic pain

TUNG SHUEH PILLS Cattle Head cap cleanses blood circulation, reduces muscle spasms, stimulates life, eliminates all pain in the body. This drug is useful to increase brain intelligence and strengthen the heart.
Efficacy and usability :
Tung Shueh Pills stamp Cow Head heal people with diseases in parts of the body. Prevents blood clots, helps blood circulation become normal and cleanses the bloodstream Prevents stiff veins.
This pill is very effective to get rid of poison found in the whole body, blood clots which accumulate / freeze and function to improve blood circulation, make the body healthier.

Tung Shueh Pills For gout, rheumatism, rheumatic pain

Angiosclerosis is a sign of symptoms too tired and overworked, unable to sleep or the influence of food that causes high blood pressure, muscles & blood vessels to become unbalanced circulatory spasm causing high pressure, if you suffer from this disease you always feel pain head, dizziness, neck pain, hearing loss and unable to sleep, paralysis, back pain, muscle aches, bone pain, whole body pain and so on.

If you suffer from this disease, you should take TUNG SHUEH pills cap Cow Head so that blood circulation returns to normal.

Tung Shueh Pills

Cure lumbago, leg pain and cramping, cramps, paralysis of hands & feet, muscles and weak bones, rheumatic, blood circulation. This drug can strengthen muscles and bones.

How to use :
Taken with warm water and after meals
* Adults 3 x 4 pills a day
* Children (ages 8 to 15 years) 3 X 2 pills a day.

Box contains 2 strips @ 40 pills
1Dus number contains 80pills.

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