ION FACE MASKS to Protect from Viruses

ION FACE MASKS to Protect from Viruses


ION FACE MASKS to Protect from Viruses

We introduce the world's first mask containing negative ions @ionmasker which has many health benefits for the body.

Benefits of Ion Face Masks / ION MASKS:
Protecting the facial skin adn improves blood circulation in the face so that it can beautify and prevent cold. Has an antimicrobial effect for a long period of time and can be washed up to dozens of times without decreasing the protective effect so that it can be used repeatedly.

The function of negative ions turned out to be very beneficial for maintaining a healthy body from germs, bacteria, and viruses. Other benefits of negative ions are that it will increase the blood flow system, reduce stress, maintain body stamina and ultimately make the body more relaxed.

In addition, negative ions are also proven to improve the function of cilia (fine hairs that are in the respiratory tract) so that it can protect the lungs from irritation including inflammation. For this reason, negative ions are believed to reduce various respiratory disorders such as coughing, flu and asthma.



According to A.P. Krueger, a German researcher, only by inhaling negative ions can reduce the level of serotonin levels in the blood, causing the effects of relaxation and widening of the airways.
Krueger's research was strengthened by research professor Tomoo Ryusi from Tokyo Metropolitan University. He said the benefits of negative ions are converting lactic acid (a cause of muscle pain) into a harmless substance in the form of water and lactate ions and is believed to be able to kill the E.Coli bacteria.
For that you can use @ionmasker which works by influencing the fluid ions in the body so that your body can become healthier.

Suitable for:
People with colds, flu or nasosinusitis for the prevention of facial skin disorders such as acne, dark spots and rough skin.

Use of ION Face Masks:

Wash your hands before and after wearing the mask, place the protective tape around the ears and on the label facing out.

Here are the benefits of negative ions that you can get, including:

  •     Negative ions increase the body's immune system.
  •     Negative ions improve blood circulation & strengthen the heart's working system.
  •     Negative ions improve sleep quality.
  •     Negative ions relieve allergic & respiratory related pain.
  •     Negative ions as antipolutan and sterilisator.
  •     Negative ions reduce stress and fatigue.
  •     Negative ions can increase oxygen flow to the brain, so that it can increase alertness, increase energy and reduce sleepiness.
  •     Negative ions can also eliminate germs in the air and particles that cause air irritation, so as to reduce the symptoms of airway irritation.
  •     Negative ions are thought to reduce and eliminate allergens from the air

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