Tanduk Rusa Capsule For Stamina Men

Tanduk Rusa Capsule For Stamina Men

Tanduk Rusa Capsule For Stamina Men

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Traditional herbs in the form of an improved extract, is the essence of selected plants containing aphrodisiac ingredients consisting of: leaves, roots, bark, trees, seeds of medicinal plants combined with Viagra (Medicinal Chemical). Where this herb has been used for centuries down and down and has proven efficacy / efficacy

Benefits of Tanduk Rusa Capsule include:
1. Add strength and endurance to male sex more powerful and 10 x fold.
2. Prevents premature ejaculation.
3. Treat impotence.
4. Blood circulation throughout the body, after using this herb the body will feel better.
5. Increase and increase the endurance and erectile strength of the penis to be 10x more powerful (15 - 40 minutes).

Tanduk Rusa Capsule For Stamina Men
Tanduk Rusa Capsule

1. For those who suffer from heart disease are prohibited from consuming this herbal medicine because the side effects of this herbal medicine will be very dangerous if the user is suffering from heart disease and is using heart medicine
2. Use only 1-2 capsules in 1 x 70 hours (3 days) and take the next drink after 3-7 days not less than 3 days
3. It is forbidden (not recommended) to consume other drugs and alcohol within 1 x 24 hours


1. Take one / two capsules 30-45 minutes before intercourse - drink with warm / cold water
2. Drunk in a state the stomach is not full and the stomach is not too hungry / empty (2-3 hours after eating), when taken on a full stomach, the effect becomes sleepy when in a very hungry state the effect will be very lethal after intercourse
3. When taken do not mix with other types of drugs, and alcohol

The composition contained in this herbal sex strong drug are:

  • Syngnathoides Biaculesatus Extract. ... 10%
  • Pantrocinum Extract ………………. …… 10%
  • Yohimbin Extract ………………………… 10%
  • Eurycoma Longofilia Radix Extract …… ..40%
  • Panxa Ginseng Radix Extract ………… .10%
  • Ganoderma Extract .... ..................... .10%
  • Other ingredients so that it will be ... 100%

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