Syifarat Capsule For Rheumatic Gout Medicine

Syifarat Capsule For Rheumatic Gout Medicine

Description of Syifarat Capsule for Rheumatic Gout Medicine

Herbal Syifarat Capsules
For Gout and Rheumatic Patients

Gout is a result of excessive consumption of purines. Purines are processed by the body into uric acid, but if the uric acid levels are excessive, the kidneys are unable to excrete so the uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. As a result the joints feel painful, swollen and inflamed.

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Traditionally used to help relieve aching pains and joint pain caused by gout and rheumatism

Curcuma rhizoma 150 mg
Andrographis folium 140 mg
Zingiberis rhizoma 90 mg
Sida herbal 60 mg
Tinospora cortex 60 mg

How to use:
Adults 3 x 3 capsules per day taken 1 hour before meals

Contents: 50 Capsules @ 500 mg
Package plus weight: 60 grams
Production permit: POM TR 103 322 041

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