Tawon Sakti Capsule For Rheumatic, Gout, Cholesterol, Stamina, Urat Acid, Pain

Tawon Sakti Capsule For Rheumatic, Gout, Cholesterol, Stamina, Urat Acid, Pain

We sell Herbal Medicine Tawon Sakti Capsule 100% Original with cheap price or WHOLESALE, as well as Explanation about Benefits and Side Effects Medicinal Herbs Tawon Sakti Capsules.

What is the  Tawon Sakti Capsule and Benefits?

Tawon Sakti Capsule contain wild honey bee extracts efficacious to treat gout, lower cholesterol, stiff-linu, rheumatic, colds, increase stamina and energy

Curcumae rhizoma 10%
zingerberis rhizoma 20%
zingerberis aromaticae 15%
panax gingseng 10%
Royal jelly 15%
and other materials up to 100%

Treat Uric Acid, Pegal rheumatic, Rheumatic, Entrance Wind, lower cholesterol and increase energy and Stamina

How to use:
Drink 2 capsules once a day. to treat 2 capsule drink 2x a day.

Packaging Tawon Sakti Capsule:
- Per box of 20 Sachets

Produced by PJ Air Madu
Magelang - Indonesia
POM TR 093513808

Tawon sakti

Side Effects Drinking Tawon Sakti Capsule:

For people who have hypersensitive / history of hypersensitive against Jamu Tawon Sakti capsule
In order to get maximum results during taking this drug, you should avoid eating in the form of nuts, squash and offal. Reduce the habit of drinking coffee and smoking. In the event of allergy symptoms, such as itching, dizziness, shortness of breath after consuming should stop using.

This herb should not be consumed in excessive amounts because it will lead to serious diseases such as kidney function disorders, kidney failure to impaired liver function. Therefore, before consume it is important to consult first whether this herb is safe and can be consumed in the long term.

Although the side effects of Herbal Tawon Sakti capsule are not harmful to people in general, but as a wise consumer should check the condition of the body to the doctor to know whether the body has hypersensitiv to the content in it because the impact caused depends on the physical condition of each -a individual who consumes. If an adverse event occurs immediately discontinue use and consult a physician before it becomes a serious problem. (Source: kesehatanpedia-com)

Avoid foods in the form of nuts, offal, squash and coffee drinking and smoking.supaya disease cigarette.supaya disease that you suffer quickly recover
This medicinal herb does not have a number, the Food & Drug Administration (BPOM), because it contains elements of medicinal chemicals, (dexamethasone, phenylbutason, and paracetamol,) about 20% ...... but very efficacious for the disease you suffer so it will quick heal .. then of that must be considered rules of use !!!!!
1. Chronic treatment, drink 2x a day (2 capsules)
1. Chronic treatment, drink 2 times a day (2 capsules)
2. Treatment is light, drink 3 times a day (1 capsule)
3. Prevention: drink 1 time a day (1 capsule, Daily consumption until 1box (48 capsules),
4. Maintain health, drink once in 3 days (1 capsule)
5. It is prohibited to drink this herbal medicine, for patients with kidney and liver disorders
6. In case of allergy symptoms such as: breath, itchy itching, and dizziness, after drinking this capsule, please stop, because the herb is not suitable, the possibility of drug allergy, though efficacious against the disease you suffer.
7. If you have drunk more than 1box, but there is also no change to the disease that you suffered, please drink this herbal is stopped .... !!!
8. Should not consume this herb, in large quantities / excessive, maximal 20 boxes, for the chronic. and a maximum of 10 boxes for prevention. If excessive will result in kidney failure and liver disorders
9. Do not take fake / fake capsule herbs and consultation with the selling party

Description of BKO effect contained, among others:
1. Dexamethasone can cause moon face, fluid retention and electrolytes, hyperglycemia, glaucoma (pressure in the eyeball increased), growth disorders, osteoporosis, resistance to infection decreased, myopathy (muscle weakness), stomach, hormonal disorders and others.
2. Phenylbutason may cause nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, fluid retention and electrolytes (edema), gastric bleeding, gastric pain, with bleeding or perforation, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, renal failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis, other.
3. Paracetamol in prolonged use can cause kidney & liver damage / damage.

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