Black Honey Capsule For Man

Black Honey Capsule For Man

Black Honey Capsule Honey is one of the traditional herbs that has been proven to help men to have the stamina and sexual endurance that long so it can satisfy the wife. UM Black is a product of PJ Honey Water and has been registered in the Ministry of Health with the number TR 2011052023. Lots of users of this Black UM who have felt the efficacy of is characterized by increased strength of sexual endurance, sex organs harder and male and avoid premature ejaculation which often hit men.

Benefits And Benefits Black Honey Urges
- Incease male power during intercourse.
- Make sexual endurance increased so that the time to have sex longer.
- Preventing the occurrence of premature ejaculation which often makes the wife disappointed.
- Increase the intimacy of marital relationships. Increased confidence in front of the wife. Cure

Impotence. Accelerate blood circulation.

Packaging and Drinking Rules Black Honey Capsule contains 10 sachets per box with each sachet contains 2 capsules.

The drinking rule is to drink 1 or 2 capsules at 30 - 60 minutes before sex with a wife.

 Caution: This herb is prohibited to be drunk by heart disease patients.

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