Tissue Power Magic For Man

Tissue Power Magic For Man


TISSUE POWER MAGIC or so-called tissue power magic is a powerful medicine man for durable repeated in the form of wet wipes, very suitable for men who experience premature ejaculation prematurely, wipes power magic is very safe to use because it is used because this tissue contains anti-septic and do not be afraid of allergies when wearing them.

MAGIC POWER TONIC TISSUE is a colorless and non-toxic lubricant containing water soluble and easily washed, magic power tissue also has no effect on your wife's vagina (100% no side effects).
MAGIC POWER MAN TISSUE can be used for 2 months, and also could solve the problem gets around the penis due to be antibacterial cream.

Magic Power Tissue, health products in sachet form a wet tissue. Tissue magic power ensures hygienic conditions in the male penis while having sex. Power magic wipes specially developed for sensitive skin in the area of ​​the male penis. Besides guaranteeing hygienic circumstances, this tissue also soften and fresh, it can even prevent premature ejaculation.

Tissue Super Magic


    Erection within 15 minutes and lasts up to 2 hours
    Erection hard and durable
    So you're King in bed.
    Your wife will cry happy
    Durable sex until 1hr nonstop

Tissue Super Magic ManTissue magic power is very effective and safe to increase the strength of the male sex. Because foreign drugs (practical and fast). Without disturbing or endangering other organs such as the heart and kidneys 100% without any side effects.


    h20 purified.
    ethyl alcohol.
    frag fance.
    altiveingredlents other.


    Rub evenly wet tissue antiseptic Tissue Magic Power on your penis which have an erection when sexual intercourse.
    Let stand for 2-3 minutes.
    You ready for action
    Use only once, then discarded.
    Only for use outside:
    Rub evenly on the penis tissue aside - + 15 min. Then use the touch, FEEL SENSATION virulence !!

Contents 1 box of tissue 6

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