Slim Without Dieting with Teak Leaves China

Slim Without Dieting with Teak Leaves China

For women have weight and body shape is not ideal becomes a very serious problem. Based on the survey most women would trade their age in order to get the ideal posture. Various efforts have been made to reduce the weight of medical treatment to do excessive exercise and to disrupt daily activities because of exhaustion even sick.

Some even taking the drugs without a prescription that could endanger women's health. Another alernatif for women is liposuction which is very expensive. Now there is a simple way without the expensive cost and without an appetite suppressant that is by the consumption of teak china tea leaf tea.

Leaf china teak is a shrub that grows up to 3 meters and has a green stalks with delicate leaves gray-green leaves. Leaf china teak grown in the tropics as in northern Africa, Pakistan, India, Sudan and Egypt.

Tea leaf china teak since the 9th century by Arab physicians have been used as a natural laxative, constipation and medication to clean the intestines of toxins and bacteria. Tea leaf china teak very effectively get rid of fat in the body through urine and feces. China teak leaf tea is brewed with hot water without the need to add other ingredients. In addition to slimming, tea leaf china teak is also good for cholesterol treatment. Leaf china teak containing laxative and anthranoid making it suitable as a drug used to treat hard CHAPTER.

Tea leaf china teak will react within seven hours after ingestion, there are some people who will feel like bowel and this is a natural thing. It will fade away after consuming more than 1-2 weeks.

CHINESE TEAK LEAVES (LEAF SENNA) effective for weight loss. can reduce body weight up to 5 kilograms in 28 days, without diet and exercise.

Containing 3% glycosides dianthron (sennoside A, B, C, D, E, F, G). A small number of anthraquinone including aloe-emodin and rhein 8-glucoside; 10% mucilago; tannins, flavonoids, naphthalene.

Benefits of Tea Leaves Teak natural China as follows:

Cleanse dirty blood.
Reduce cholesterol.
Eliminate toxins because they contain high antioxidants.
Shrink the stomach.
Fat in the body laxative for people with obesity.
Our ancestors and the daughters of the palace used to consume to maintain the slimness of the body.
Also efficacious as a starter metabolism, thus helping the process of secretion / sewage.

How to eat Teak Leaves China:

Take 1 teaspoon of leaf china teak and insert it into the glass.
Pour the hot water.
Let dissolve a few minutes to see the color brown.
Then strain and drink the water ready.
It could also be boiled with 500ml water to the boil and the remaining 250ml.
1x daily consumption during the first week.
After one week adjustment period you can increase the dose 2x a day.
For optimal results, reduce fatty foods and exercise.
Some things to note in consuming the tea leaf china teak namely:
If you suffer from digestive problems are advised to consume two days once.
Not advisable to drink tea leaf china teak if you're menstruating, the reason most women experience PMS syndrome with bloating, abdominal muscle feels tight, if you drink tea leaf china teak will add to your discomfort during menstruation.
If you are new or have not been drinking the tea leaf china teak, then penyeduhannya not too thick. Tea brewed with 400ml hot water because the fat will usually fade with urine before BAB. Because the reaction of each person is different, if less able to react to the presentation tea thickened.
Usually the tea leaf china teak react at least 7 hours, so you should drink before bed at night so your morning smooth bowel movement, and does not interfere with your activities the next day.
If you experience excessive bowel, you should stop or reduce the dosage.
Secure because it contains no chemicals.
Can be consumed by breastfeeding mothers.

Things to note during the consumption of tea leaf china teak

Do not take more than 2x as a laxative effect on the content of leaf china teak very strong
Not recommended for those who have problems with digestion
Not recommended for women during menstruation / menstrual
Should be taken at bedtime or when heavy activity
If you experience excessive defecation, should refrain from the use or dosage dikurangai
Mandatory consume water as much as possible to avoid the fat in the body

Package Contents:
1 Wrap content of 40 grams

Teak Leaves China
Teak Leaves China

Dinkes P. IRT No. 510367401002518

How to use :
A maximum of 2 x 1 cup / day

Serving method :
Take 1 tablespoon of teak china tea leaves brewed with hot water and leave until lightly browned

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