Mastin mangosteen peel extract for Cancer and Tumor

Mastin mangosteen peel extract for Cancer and Tumor

Mangosteen is different with the fruit in general. If the fruit of many other properties in the flesh, another case with the mangosteen fruit. Efficacy of the mangosteen fruit actually abundant in the fruit skin. Because, in the skin of the mangosteen there are components that are antioxidants. This substance is called Xanthones. Neither xanthones contained within the capsule Mastin Jamu Borobudur.

Xanthones were packed in capsules Mastin Skin Mangosteen Extract is a powerful antioxidant that is very good for maintaining health. Antioxidants have been shown to have many benefits for the human body, including: neutralize free radicals, preventing the aging of organs, prevent cancer, boost the immune system, and much more.

And more interestingly, compared to other fruits, the antioxidant content of mangosteen turns the second largest after wolfberry fruit that grows in certain regions of China. That means, the antioxidant content of the skin of the mangosteen is no need to doubt. Hence, no wonder if the fruit is touted as one of the superfruits in the world.

Mastin Jamu Borobudur is a product of mangosteen peel extract first and the only one in Indonesia that have passed preclinical trials and standardized logo Herbal Medicines (OHT).

Mastin mangosteen peel extract

Product advantages:

Has been through the standardization of raw materials
Has tested benefits / efficacy so that it can be proven scientifically usefulness truth
Has tested in acute toxicity and sub-chronic toxicity that is safe for consumption in the long term
Gaining recognition and birth certificates of BPOM

Efficacy Mastin Jamu Borobudur:

Anti-tumor and cancer
Slowing the aging process
treating hypertension
Brighten and nourish the skin
Helps prevent heart disease and narrowing of the blood vessels
anti obesity
Anti free radicals
Maintaining a healthy body to stay fit and not easily tired
Anti virus
Antibiotics and anti-fungal
as an immunomodulator
To overcome white

Composition: Garciniae Fructus Cortex Extract: 550 mg

How to use: Take regularly 2 times daily @ 2 capsules

Contents: 60 Capsules

POM: POM HT 122 300 191

Manufacturer: PT Industri Jamu Borobudur

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