ARMA Capsule - Slimming - Lose Weight Supplements

ARMA Capsule - Slimming - Lose Weight Supplements

Arma is a slimming drug in capsule form is very popular. Of course this capsule in the search because it is nice and very effective for weight loss.

ARMA products, the efficacy of slimming supplements to lose weight and slimming body naturally. Arma Slimming is made of herbal ingredients that can help control excessive appetite and eliminates excess fat from the body.

Efficacy and usability:

1. Lose excess weight without side effects,
2. Lose your weight, up to 5-15kg within 2 months only.
3. Shaping the body becomes Idial, singset and sexy
4. Suppress appetite, reduce cravings, keeps the body slim.
5. Burn fat, excess fat in the body
6. skim CHAPTER

PACKAGING Arma Slimming:
1 bottle contains 30 capsules 500mg

ARMA Capsule

Folium Guazumae Ekstak..35%
Folium Murrayae Ekstak25%
Curcumae Rhizoma Ekstrak..20%
Galiae Ekstrak.20%

Drinking rules:
2 x 2 a day, 3 capsules once a drink morning and evening before eating, drinking plain water or warm .. For pregnant women and breast-feeding is not the recommended drinking .. Which has high blood pressure and heart disease also should not drink.

POM TR.033.571.775

- It is advisable to drink plenty of water, and eating fibrous foods or low calorie accompanied by regular exercise
- Not for pregnant and lactating women and people with high blood

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