JAMKHO Herbal For Cholesterol

JAMKHO Herbal For Cholesterol


JAMKHO is herbal fermented made from herbal healing, including: Mahkota Dewa, Centella asiatica, Kurkurma, Noni and coupled with embryo nectar honey, palm sugar, hexagonal water which is then treated with Nano Technology, in order to produce herbs where particles extract resemble human cells, so easily absorbed by the body and destroys the fat right on target.

JAMKHO is a traditional herbal medicine that uses the latest technology that Nano Biotechnology. Very few herbs in Indonesia that use this technology. You should know that one nanometer is one thousand times smaller than 1 micrometer (or 1 micron). So, you can take herbal medicinal why this conclusion so quickly absorbed by the body. Formulated by a herbal practitioner who has experienced since 1999 and one of the potion has also been recognized by the International classmate RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMALOGY (IRJPP). (ISSN: 2251-0176)

Has obtained permission bpom with registration number TR. 133 672 511 and JAMKHO also have been certified by the International Standards HAACP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and GMP (Good manufacturing practices)

Does not cause dependence, only after normal blood cholesterol are advised to keep a diet.

JAMKHO created by Ms. Ning Harmanto who are experienced in making the powerful herbs for more than 11 years


The content JAMKHO

100% made from natural ingredients that are safe for consumption even though in the long run
JAMKHO can lower cholesterol in just one day, even in an hour. This is proven by scientific research together with Dr. Willie Japaries to 41 volunteer patients clinic Mrs. Ning Harmanto that have high levels of cholesterol.

Based on these research results, JAMKHO may decrease significantly cholesterol average of 232.98 to 196 numbers.

How to Drink JAMKHO:

Dose JAMKHO consumption for lowering high cholesterol is a 2 x 2 tablespoons, or 3 tablespoons at a time.

When cholesterol is normal JAMKHO can be consumed daily for prevention 1 x 1 tablespoon before bed.

When planning to eat well and eat a fatty JAMKHO 3 tablespoons before meals.
If within 1 to 2 hours of your cholesterol has not gone down, it means your body less sensitive because of many factors that determine. One factor is because you have a lot of consumption of chemical drugs. In this case the recommended dosage is 2 x 4 tablespoons.


- Figures cholesterol patients reached 8% of the total disease in the world
- Cholesterol is a cause of death of 7.9% of total world mortality
- In Indonesia, patients with hyperglycemia, or commonly referred to Cholesterol disease reached 28% for VERY MUCH food in Indonesia that contain cholesterol.
- Cholesterol also had a hand in cases of sudden death caused by heart attack
- Several classes of chemical drugs circulating in the community have dangerous side effects:
Class of statin drugs can cause liver damage and muscle problems such as pain and inflammation.
Class of selective cholesterol absorption inhibitors can cause rashes, pancreatitis, and allergic.
Nicotine group can cause liver abnormalities.



This is the starting point where the time you have to live healthy cholesterol free and also free from side effects caused by drugs synthesis. After going through the results of scientific research and testing, it creates JAMKHO (Jamu cholesterol) that can lower cholesterol naturally within a relatively short time. 

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