Sarat Capsule - Lowering uric acid levels and Rheumatics

Sarat Capsule - Lowering uric acid levels and Rheumatics

Lowering uric acid levels, relieve aches, pains in the joints and pain relievers (analgesics)

Work mechanism :
Daun salam efficacious as urine (diuretic) and pain relief (analgesic). As a diuretic, Daun salam able to expand the production of urine so it can lower blood uric acid levels.

Polyanthi Folium Extract 550 mg

Efficacy and usability :
Helps relieve aches, pains linu- and pain in the joints.

How to use :
Take regularly 2 times daily @ 2 capsules. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed.

Avoid foods high in purines such as meat, offal and nuts. Drink water at least 2.5 liters per day. Perform regular exercise.

Production: Jamu Borobudur - Indonesia
Approval : POM TR 072 374 551

Sarat Capsule

Benefits generally Daun salam
 1. Daun salam can cure diarrhea. The way is easy, just boil daun salam and drink the cooking water. Drink the boiled water after cooling, add a little salt.
2. Daun salam can also treat stomach ulcers. Quite easy, mixed leaves, bitter and sugar and boiled. Drinking boiled water while warm, and do it regularly.
3. Benefits of Daun salam others are overcome high uric acid. How about the same, simply boiled leaves with water, wait until only the remaining half. The cooking water you can use to overcome gout.
4. Daun salam can also be used as a herbal medicine in treating stroke. The trick is mixed with banana leaves, cook according to your taste then eaten.
5. It can lower high cholesterol. Drinking boiled water with daun salam are mixed with leaves ceremai, your blood circulation will be smooth.
6. jug daun salam useful for treating diabetes. It is easy, simply by boiling water leaves that have been boiled in a long time.
7. To balance the stomach acid, daun salam are also very beneficial for your digestive health. How about the same, simply by boiling the leaves and drink boiled water. It just requires more leaves.
8. To treat ulcer disease, 15 to 20 daun salam you can use as an alternative medicine these diseases. You can add sugar to taste, drink boiled water when they are cold and on a regular basis.
9. The daun salam are also useful for slimming. The trick is slightly different, that is by chewing every day routine.
10. In addition, daun salam can also help maintain the health of your eyes. Direct current can be eaten raw or mixed with food.

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