Murat Capsule for Relieves sore and rheumatic pain (Gout)

Murat Capsule for Relieves sore and rheumatic pain (Gout)


How to Treat Gout Disease

Natural Ways To Treat Gout gout disease caused by elevated uric acid levels in the blood. Normally, uric acid as a byproduct of the breakdown of cells contained in the blood because the body continuously break down and form new cells. Uric acid levels are increased or abnormal when the kidneys are unable to remove it through the urine .

Work mechanism of Murat Capsule:
Zingiberis rhizome (ginger), Equiseti herbs (Greges muscle) and Zingiberis aromaticae rhizomes (Lempuyang): as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic in the joints
Languatis rhizome (galangal): a stimulant to relieve aches
Orthosiphonis folium (Cats Whisker): contain glycosides orthosiphonin believed to dissolve uric acid
Curcumae domestica rhizome (turmeric): as an anti-inflammatory on joints

Murat Capsule Borobudur

Composition Murat Capsule::
Zingiberis Rhizome Extract 192.50 mg
Apii graveolentis 137.50 mg Herbal Extract
Herbal Extract Equiseti 110.00 mg
Orthosiphonis Folium Extract 110.00 mg

Efficacy and usability of Murat Capsule:
Traditionally used to help relieve stiff and painful joints.

Other uses:
Overcoming painful joints and bones, blood circulation, and Smooth urination (diuretic).

How to use of Murat Capsule:
Take regularly 2 times daily @ 2 capsules. The dose may be increased or decreased as needed.

It is advisable to drink water as much as possible.

Avoid eating jerohan, nuts. You should limit fatty foods.

Production: Jamu Borobudur - Indonesia
Approval Permit: POM TR 032 326 951

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