SERA Capsule - Healthy Slim

SERA Capsule - Healthy Slim


SERA Capsule (Slim Health), is a slimming supplement with the benefits of losing weight and slimming naturally. Made from selected herbal ingredients that are proven effective and safe for consumption.

SERA Slimming is very effective for eliminating appetite without causing hunger, flatulence, weakness, stomach ulcers or defecating so that your daily activities are not disturbed even if you are in the process of diet. This product is very safe to consume for a long time and gradually lose your weight without side effects.

Based on the results in the field a person who consumes 1 box (within 1 month) has a weight loss of between 5 and 10 kg, while to lose more than 10 kg requires 2 boxes of sera (consumption of 1-2 months).

The following are the Benefits of SERA Slim Healthy Capsules:

Helps reduce your excess weight quickly and safely without worrying about the side effects caused.

- Restrain your appetite so that after taking this capsule, your appetite will suddenly decrease drastically so that you are not tempted to snack and overeat. By not snacking, at least your weight will be maintained, because 95% of obesity in women is caused by unregulated snacking.

- Reduce hunger, even if you only eat a little but with this capsule you will not feel hungry.

- Shrink the Fat Stomach, fat or distended stomach is very disturbing with SERA Capsules, so fat in your body can burn, especially in the abdomen so your stomach will shrink and slim.

- Inhibiting Absorption of Fat, yes by eating foods that are full of fat, the risk of weight gain will increase, but do not be afraid that SERA capsules inhibit fat absorption by removing it with dirt during defecation.

- Skin Tightening

SERA Capsules

Following SERA Composition:
Morinda Citrifolia 100mg
Murraya Paniculata 100mg
Guazuma Ulimifolia 100mg
Punica Granatum 100mg
Parameria Barbata 50mg
Phyllanthus Niruri 50mg

Drinking Rules SERA:
To lose weight: Take 3 x 1 capsule per day.
To maintain weight: Take 2 x 1 capsule per day.
Drink before eating.

SERA Packaging:
1 box of SeRa contains 30 capsules which can be consumed for 10-15 days depending on the needs. With 1 box, the average user experiences a weight loss of 3-5 kg.

SERA Products (Slim Health) Produced By HERBALINDO SM Indonesia. BPOM RI has been registered with POM number. TR 073 372 971.

Not recommended for people with high blood pressure, pregnant & lactating women consume this supplement.
For patients with ulcer disease, it is recommended to eat before consuming SERA.
Drink plenty of water and eat fibrous or low-calorie foods accompanied by regular exercise.

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