Capsule Antanan For Urid Acid or Gout Medicine

Capsule Antanan For Urid Acid or Gout Medicine


Understanding Disease Uric Acid

Uric acid or gout is a condition that can cause unbearable pain symptoms, swelling, and heat in the joints. Despite all the joints in the body can be affected by gout, but most often affected are the joints of fingers, knees, ankles, and toes.

Men are more prone to gout than women, especially when they are over the age of 30 years. In women, the disease usually occurs after menopause risk.

People affected by an attack of gout will usually feel the rapid progression of symptoms in the first few hours. The pain can last for 3-10 days. Swelling does not only occur in the joints, but also in the area around the joints accompanied by reddened skin color. At this stage, the patient may not be able to move freely.

The cause of gout

Symptoms of pain and swelling of gout are caused by punctures sharp crystals around the joints formed by the buildup of uric acid. Someone who likes to eat foods that cause an increase in uric acid (eg offal, seafood, red meat) and someone who likes to consume alcoholic beverages will be at high risk for gout. In addition, the disease is also prone to be experienced by people who suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or chronic kidney disease.

According to the study, a person who has a family of people with gout can also be exposed to the same conditions. In other words, the disease is genetic as well.

The diagnosis of gout

See your doctor if you experience symptoms of gout. In making a diagnosis, the doctor will perform the examination or tests to ensure their sodium urate crystals in the joints. This is necessary because there are other diseases that can cause symptoms resembling gout. The level of uric acid in the blood is also usually done.
Before conducting the test, usually first the doctor will ask about:

Location joints ache.

How often do you experience the symptoms and how quickly symptoms appear.
Certain medications you are currently taking.
A history of gout in your family.

Treatment of gout

Treatment of gout has two main objectives, namely relieve symptoms and prevent attacks recur.
To relieve the symptoms of gout, you can put an ice bag on the joints ache. You can also eat painkillers, such as colchicine, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and steroid drugs.

Meanwhile, to prevent recurrence of attacks of gout, you can take drugs that lower uric acid levels (eg, allopurinol). In addition, you are required to stay away from foods trigger gout and immediately lose weight. Prioritizing low-calorie foods to support the efforts to get the ideal body weight.

Combinations of drugs from doctors and health behavior generally proved effective in reducing levels of uric acid and dissolve sharp crystals that have formed. With that combination, it is expected that patients with gout is no longer experiencing relapses.

About Capsule Antanan?

Capsule Antanan

CAPSULE Antanan is a capsule that is already known and proven capable of treating various disease problems experienced by parents such as gout, stiff and arthritic. The capsule has a slogan "capsule Longevity" is already spreading throughout parts of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Currently gout is not only experienced by the parents but also the easily been much affected by this disease, it is caused due to diet and lifestyle is not healthy, so in addition to taking capsules antanan you also have to change your lifestyle in order to recover of gout.

Efficacy Antanan:

Treating Gout
fell dizzy
lowering Cholesterol
Stiff muscles
keeping Stamina

 Composition Capsules Antanan:
1. Cetella asiatica
2. Glaziosa superbal
3. Minosa pudical,
4. Phyllanthus urinalialin,
5. Sonchus arvesisi.
6. Other materials

Dosage: For the prevention of drink twice daily @ 1 capsule, for the treatment of drinking twice daily @ 2 capsules


1 box contains 12 capsules antanan sachet packs, each sachet contains 4 capsules.

Caution: Avoid foods such as legumes (soybeans, blinjo, coffee) offal, pumpkin siem

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