Lang Linu capsules for Uric Acid, rheumatic pain & Rheumatism Herbals

Lang Linu capsules for Uric Acid, rheumatic pain & Rheumatism Herbals

Uric acid is a kind of disease that cause by foods that contain very high levels of purines. And the food is often consumed in excess, causing a buildup of purines levels in the blood, or often called uric acid.

Uric acid levels are safe and recommended by doctors should not exceed 7 milligrams / deciliter, usually people who have uric acid levels that exceed 7 mg / dL will begin to feel pain in the bones of the joints. Pain in the bones of the joints, the joints will usually be felt by toe and thumb. But if the patient is not able to control the levels of uric acid in the body, then the pain will spread to the bones all joints, so that when the body is moved is going to hurt!

You have joint problems? You often feel stiff or feel the symptoms of gout? Lang Linu solution!

Lang Linu overcome stiff, gout and rheumatism problems

Lang Linu capsules

INDICATIONS Lang Linu Capsules : 

Traditionally used to help relieve aches and pains and reduce uric acid levels in the blood.


Morinda citrifolia L.
Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f) Ness
Curcuma Roxb xanthorrhiza
Piper nigrum Linn
Tinospora crispa (L) Miers
Alpinia galanga (L) Wild

Efficacy Lang Linu Capsules :

1. Reduce pain in joints
2. Preventing and Reducing uric acid levels in the blood
3. Reduces arthritic pain
4. Refreshing agency
5. Suitable for heavy workers Men & Women

How to use : 
Drink 3 x 3 capsules a day, after meals.

Contents: 40 capsules
Manufacturer: Herbalindo
POM TR: POM TR: 113 224 241

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