Montalin Capsule For Rheumatic Disease

Montalin Capsule For Rheumatic Disease

MONTALIN - It is a capsule made of highly nutritious leaves antanan to cure all kinds of diseases.

Efficacy Capsules Montalin

This capsule is a herbal product that has many benefits and is suitable to overcome various diseases such as:

  •     Treating gout
  •     Overcoming stiff as a result of the work day
  •     Reducing cholesterol from foods that are not good
  •     Keep your body fit and fresh
  •     Flex its muscles rigid and treat cramps
  •     Eliminate the stress you
  •     Making the body feel more refreshed when you wake up

Montalin Capsule

Drinking rule of Capsules Montalin:

Rules are taking capsules 2 times a day each 2 capsules for those who have been classified as chronic or severe disease. 2 capsules once a day for those who are still relatively mild disease, and 1 capsule daily for prevention. But you need to know, taking drugs and vitamin indirectly can cure your disease. In addition to consuming this capsule Montalin you also have to manage your diet and exercise habit for a healthier body.

Composition: montalin herbs
Extract of materials - materials:

    Centella Asiatica: 35%
    Glaziosa Superbal: 25%
    Minosa Pudical: 15%
    Phyllantnus Urinalialinn: 10%
    Sonchus Arvesisi: 10%
    And others - others up: 100%

Package Contents:
1 Box = 10 Sachet, 1 sachet of 4 capsules

    Magelang - INDONESIA
    POM TR. NO. 053348358

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