Capsule Extract Binahong For Rheumatics and Uric Acid Disease

Capsule Extract Binahong For Rheumatics and Uric Acid Disease

Capsule Extract Binahong - It is a capsule made of foliage leaves highly nutritious medicinal plants to cure all kinds of diseases.


1. Binahong citrifolial 35%
2. Paperomial pellucuda 15%
3. Foeniculum vulgaremill 5%
4. Bidens pilosa 10%
5. Paederia sacandens 25%
6. Capsicum Frutescents 7%
7. Phyllanthus urinarialinn 3%
8. Other materials (BKO) to 100%

Efficacy Extract Capsules Binahong for:

- Acceleration of wound healing inside and out postoperative
- Swelling of the heart
- Swelling of the liver
- Uric acid and lumbago
- Typhoid
- Inflammatory bowel disease
- Ulcer
- Piles
- Cure swelling and blood clots
- Restore the weak condition after illness
- Arthritis, bruises and sprains hit
- Prevent stoke
- Diabetes
- Fertility womb

Capsule Extract Binahong

Prevention of disease 2 times a day @ 1kapsul
Treatment of the disease 2 times a day @ 2kapsul

PACKAGING Capsules extra binahong: 1 Box contents 12 sachets @ 4 capsules

Department of health. RI. TR: 026761327

Avoid foods such as nuts, offal, squash and a shortage of drinking coffee and smoking .in order that you suffer illness recover quickly
These herbs do not have the number, the Food & Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), because it contains elements of chemicals, drugs, (dexamethasone, Fenilbutason, and paracetamol) about 20% ...... but very efficacious for the disease you are suffering so will speedy recovery .. therefore must be considered the rules of use !!!!!
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2x a day (2kapsul)
1. Treatment of chronic, drink 2 times a day (2 capsules)
2. Treatment of mild, drink 3 times a day (1 capsule)
3. Prevention: drink 1 time a day (1 capsule, Regular consumption every day until 1box (48 capsules),
4. Maintain a healthy, drink 1 time in 3 days (1 capsule)
5. Reproduction of this herbal drink, for patients with renal and hepatic impairment
6. In the event of allergic symptoms such as: scourge of breath, itchy rash, and dizziness after taking capsules of this, please stopped, because these herbs are not suitable, the possibility of drug allergy, although efficacious against the disease that you are suffering.
7. If already drink more than 1box, but also no change in the disease you are suffering, please drink herbal halted .... !!!
8. There should not consume these herbs, in large numbers / redundant, maximal 20 boxes, for chronic. and maximal 10 boxes for prevention. If the redundant later would lead to kidney failure and liver disorders
9. Do not take herbal capsules fake / imitation and consultation with the parties selling

Description BKO effects were conceived, among others:
1. Dexamethasone can cause a moon face, retention of fluids and electrolytes, hyperglycemia, glaucoma (increased pressure within the eyeball), growth disorders, osteoporosis, decreased resistance to infection, myopathy (muscle weakness), stomach, hormone disorders and others.
2. Fenilbutason can cause nausea, vomiting, skin rash, fluid and electrolyte retention (edema), stomach bleeding, stomach pain, bleeding or perforation, hypersensitivity reactions, hepatitis, nephritis, kidney failure, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis and so on other.
3. Paracetamol in the use of time can cause disturbance / damage to the kidneys and liver.

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